Rebuttal to argument for Measure D

Greenway Measure D advocates could’ve written a straightforward initiative for an honest debate about the rail corridor. But Measure D is riddled with misleading arguments:

Deception #1: Measure D creates a trail.
Truth: We’re already getting a trail.  Portions are now open and used daily. Greenway’s plan is NOT fully funded: the County’s official impartial analysis states Greenway doesn’t guarantee a trail. Turn the page and read for yourself.

Deception #2: Measure D reduces cars and traffic.
Truth: By eliminating our only alternative transit corridor to Hwy 1, Measure D takes us backwards on climate change.  Greenway would generate 55 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) daily compared to the current rail-with-trail plan. That’s why Sierra Club, Santa Cruz Climate Action Network and most other local environmental organizations oppose Measure D.

Deception #3: Measure D Greenway “promotes a healthy community.”
Truth: Working people, especially South County residents, spend hours away from families on Hwy 1. Long commutes are bad for health: Measure D makes this problem worse by eliminating alternative transportation.

Deception #4: Greenway’s “railbanking” preserves future transit.
Truth: Greenway’s scheme paves over and rips out existing tracks that could support clean energy, zero emission light rail. Once destroyed, tracks never come back.

Deception #5: Roaring Camp will be protected.
Truth: Roaring Camp, beloved by the community, will be stranded from the national rail network and will slowly but surely fail.

We all like trails and transit. We don’t like deceptive politics. Vote NO on Measure D.

/s/ Andrew N. Goldenkranz*
Chair, Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee

/s/ Pauline M. Seales*
Organizer, Santa Cruz Climate Action Network

/s/ Nancy Faulstich*
Executive Director, Regeneración – Pajaro Valley Climate Action

/s/ Iwalani Faulkner*
Director, Equity Transit

/s/ Bryan Chambers*
Executive Director, San Lorenzo Valley Chamber of Commerce

If an asterisk (*) appears after a name, it means the person is signing on behalf of that agency/organization.

If no asterisk (*) appears after a name, it means the person is signing as an individual.