Argument Against Measure D

Vote NO on Deceptive Greenway Measure D - Don't let special interests trick us into destroying public transit alternatives to Highway 1.

The Measure D Greenway initiative pretends to  be pro-trail and pro-transit, but this sneaky effort would bring a screeching halt to existing plans for zero-emission public transportation and a safe walking and biking trail on the 32-mile rail corridor as an alternative to Highway 1, from Santa Cruz to Watsonville.

Traffic jams on Highway 1 are one of our biggest problems. Working people lose hours away from their families, while idling cars emit harmful greenhouse gasses. Measure D Greenway would end our best opportunity for clean energy alternatives.

The deceptive Greenway campaign claims Measure D preserves clean-energy light rail options through a process called "railbanking" - but the fine print calls for ripping out existing tracks - and even rewrites County law to eliminate references to, and all planning for, clean-energy, zero-emission light rail. Nationwide it is unprecedented for rail service to return once tracks are removed and paved over. Measure D uses slick "green" packaging to conceal its true aim of ending transit options.

We all want a trail. Trail segments along the corridor are already complete - with rail AND trail - and more are underway. While Deceptive Greenway Measure D pretends to be pro-trail, in fact, Measure D halts existing trail construction immediately, forcing a decade of delays and wasting millions in public funds - all to eliminate future public transit from the rail corridor.

The Greenway Measure D campaign knows there is strong local support for having both trail AND rail so they've hidden their true goals in slick-looking, greenwashed corporate packaging.

Don't be fooled by this deceptive and irresponsible initiative. Join environmental groups, political parties, business organizations, community leaders. Vote NO on Deceptive Greenway Measure D.

/s/ Faina Segal*
Board Chair, Santa Cruz County Friends of the Rail and Trail

/s/ Michael Guth*
Representative, Sierra Club

/s/ Celeste Gutierrez*
Co-chair, Pajaro Valley Cesar Chavez Democratic Club

/s/ Casey Beyer*
CEO, Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce

/s/ Alisan Andrews*
President, Valley Women's Club of San Lorenzo Valley

If an asterisk (*) appears after a name, it means the person is signing on behalf of that agency/organization.

If no asterisk (*) appears after a name, it means the person is signing as an individual.